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Our Mission

We believe that every dentist should be valued for their work. We know when a dentist is able to increase their productivity, that they are able to experience a life that is prosperous and filled with joy. Life is fun, the journey of life should be enjoyed. Every life matters.


We offer 100% money back guarantee with all of our programs. We’ve had 100% success with dentists that fully engage with our systems. We succeed, when you succeed.  Allow us to increase your productivity, income, and joy.

Our Strategy

We take the best from the last 100+ years in personal development, combine it with current brain findings, mix it together with our vast knowledge of the dentistry field to bring a truly unique system to you, the dentist. We guarantee to improve your life, your practice, your bottom line, and everything in between.


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"Deanna L. Robinson has the rare ability to transform "Professional Achievement Development" into radical business growth. Her magnetic energy and innovative teachings result in two of life's most desired outcomes ... happiness and profits."

- Allison

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"Deanna's programs are not only groundbreaking and innovative in their scope and subject matter, but they promise to be "lifesavers", literally, to those professionals who need to know what they have to teach!"

- Dr. Robert

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"Deanna's program is profound! I was able to increase my productivity by 33%, which translated to an increase in my profits. This certainly wasn't taught in Dental School. This may be the most important teaching tool out there today for dentists moving forward with their careers and their future in Dentistry."

- Dr. David

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Communication for a Win – Win

By Deanna L Robinson | March 23, 2017

  We all know that communication is important. Let us look at few scenarios that may help to improve your Dental practice, your production, and maybe your overall satisfaction with life. Let’s begin with communicating with Millennials, most likely you have a few working for you, and you have them as patients. There is some…

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How is Your Oxygen Mask Fitting?

By Deanna L Robinson | March 7, 2017

How is Your Oxygen Mask Fitting?   Most of us have had an opportunity to fly in an airplane and hear the safety announcement prior to takeoff. “In case of an emergency, place the oxygen mask on yourself, THEN, assist those around you.” How are you doing, taking care of yourself?   Here at Dentistry…

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Is Mindfulness Simply Not Multitasking?

By Deanna L Robinson | February 20, 2017

There are words and terms being thrown around, that originally had different meanings and usage. Sometimes we do not have knowledge about words and phrases, and in order to not draw attention to our lack of knowledge, we go along with discussions, as if we know. For a period of time, I referred to mindfulness…

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