Communication for a Win – Win


We all know that communication is important. Let us look at few scenarios that may help to improve your Dental practice, your production, and maybe your overall satisfaction with life. Let’s begin with communicating with Millennials, most likely you have a few working for you, and you have them as patients. There is some discrepancy with the exact age range, it’s basically 21-35 year olds. They grew up with technology changing as quickly as they changed their shoe sizes. They value family, friends, and free time.


As a dentist, you want to run your practice on time, working overtime and weekends shouldn’t be the norm. Your employee Millennials and your patient Millennials won’t respect you for it. There are many other points, you may want to brush up on when it comes to communicating with Millennials. I wanted you to be aware, that finding what matters to a person will increase your communications skills, and be of benefit to the person you are communicating with.

Which brings me to my next point. Really listening to your patients. For the most part, you have to be part detective to determine, what a “tooth bother” really is. You are listening to what and how they describe the pain, and what they aren’t saying. This goes to the point of then talking about treatment options.  If you know their age, which you do from their chart/health history, you then are able to make a few generalities that you couple with your history with the patient or what they talked about regarding their pain or situation.


Most people give a lot of clues of what they value, within a short conversation. You take that information and wrap it around your communication regarding their treatment options, and everybody wins. Most likely, they will make decisions that coincide with their values, AND choose a healthy option for their treatment. This takes really no extra time, you engage in listening skills combined with knowledge of whom you are talking with, and everybody gets what they want.


The last point I want to make is this, communication is not static, it is ever changing. Your website, that you spent time and money setting up, should have a refresh every two to three years. Yes, I know it may seem like a hassle, yet that is how many potential new patients are viewing you. Are you talking about all of your accomplishments and accreditations? Consider communicating about what you DO for the patients, and how you make them feel.
Look at a different websites of other dentists/specialists and find a few you really like, share that with your web designer. It’s easier for you to share what you like with examples. Remember, communication in all manner spoken, written, visual, and nonverbal all are important. Taking a little of your precious time and investing it in communicating more effectively will bring you many benefits. There will be a win – win all around.

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