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A single action caused me to make a decision. To address the stress that many dentists feel, that then affects their production, income, and their joy - for life itself.  The work we do should bring us joy, not rob us of it.  

Wouldn't you agree?  

DIP for text was born as a result of a situation that on the surface looked pretty horrific. I’m Deanna L. Robinson, I’ve been able to view it - that situation, now (and for some time) as one of the biggest blessings of my life.

Six months after giving birth to my fifth child, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a virus. It took me over thirteen years to fully recover. I repeatedly looked outside of myself to feel better, for my circumstance to change. Then I met a woman, who became my mentor, that had me thinking and looking at circumstances differently. Truly healing was an inside job. Inside of my thoughts, which caused my response to circumstances to be different. My whole life changed as a result.


During those thirteen difficult years, an event happened. My husband, who is a dentist, had a close friend, one whom he had shared office space with and whose daughters played Barbies in the basement of the clinic with our oldest daughter. With sadness he took his life. It was difficult on everyone involved; of course his family, patients, friends, actually, the entire community.

Our daughter who had played with his daughters and would set up his tee times at the golf course, took a semester off of college as a result of this tremendous loss. Our daughter knew of the statistic that has dentists ranked #2 on the suicide list, but it would never be one of her dad’s friends, they were happy.

That single action caused me to make a decision. To address the stress that many dentists feel, that then affects their production, income, and their joy - for life itself. The work we do should bring us joy, not rob us of it.  Wouldn't you agree?  We work to be productive, efficient with our time, so that we can have more time to enjoy the things we love doing outside of our work. We work to generate cash flow to enjoy life. What would you do if you had more personal time? Extra income flowing into your practice?

During a pilgrimage, I uttered a prayer, “Okay God, I am ready.” I knew instantly I would develop programs for dentists to increase their productivity, income, and joy for life. These programs would specifically address the stress that is felt by most dentists. During this pilgrimage, I had lunch with the prolific writer and Harvard educated Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the . . . series and The Success Principles) who encouraged me to pursue this. He actually said, “Deanna, you have to do this work, lives are at stake.”

With my background in being a student of Personal Development for over 20 years, a certified Dream Builder Coach, and my close proximity to the profession, I knew I had solutions and I developed programs to address the stress, lack of productivity, and little joy.

Why you became a dentist is personal to you.

What success looks like is also personal.

That’s why we created   DIP for text to honor you, your life, and how you choose to live it.

If you believe that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing, we have a program to get you more of the joy of life, more prosperity, with increasing your productivity, as an important byproduct.


Here is how we run our company; at   DIP for text grace flows freely and first. We generate gratitude in our actions and words. Every life matters, first with every member of our team, to every person that sees an image or a quote, and becomes a client. Quality and professionalism is our trademark. Life is fun, so let’s enjoy it. Creativity is encouraged. We get to - do this work - that matters.

Some interesting statistics:

43% of sole proprietor dentists are unsatisfied.

65% of employee dentists are unsatisfied with their position.

83% of dentists suffer from clinical depression.


As a dentist, you help and heal your patients. When you fly on an airplane, you are instructed to put your oxygen mask on first, and then assist those around you. So what are you doing that is providing oxygen for you in your life?

That’s where personal growth comes into play.    DIP for text is that oxygen. It’s help for you, so that you in turn, can help others, your patients. We’ve had 100% success with our clients, we would love to add you to our success list.

Deanna's Credentials

  • Contributing author to the ADA's Publication.  (You can find the publication here.)
  • QPR certified trainer; suicide prevention trainer
  • 20+ years studying personal development/transformational thought
  • EntreLeadership Master Series (a Dave Ramsey course)
  • Certified Dream Builder Coach, Life Mastery Institute
  • Ambassador of Peace, 2002 Olympic Torch Bearer - This may seem like an odd item to list under credentials. I was chosen to be an Olympic Torch Bearer as a result of the tenacity that I exhibited after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage in 1999. As a Torch Bearer we are given the charge to be Ambassadors of Peace for the remainder of our lives. I look for opportunities to promote peace in all aspects of my life. Death by suicide is an act of violence. By looking for ways to combat the horrendous statistic that has dentists ranked so high, I believe I'm able to promote peace to caring health providers.
  • Community Activist for 30+ years.

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