Deep Dive with Deanna

Individualized Treatment Plans for Dentist and Team

25_5783bmrAt times, in order to achieve significant progressive change in your clinic, you require a “hands-on” approach to instigate thus said “change.” Deanna will visit your practice with the intention of becoming intimately familiar with your processes and will spend time with you and your team/staff. This scientific transformational approach is designed to significantly increase the overall wellness of the dentist and the surrounding environment.

What to expect on a Deep Dive visit

  • Two-day on-site comprehensive evaluation of language used with patients and team/staff members
  • In-depth analysis of personal language sabotage and inhibiting paradigms and their direct effect on your office/clinic
  • Detailed exploration and realignment of core values and future projections
  • Breakdown of daily habits (eliminating the bad ones and focusing on the good ones)
  • Strategic development for key transformational language implementation (new dynamics of interpersonal communication)
  • Personal ½-hour phone/web conference twice a month for 3 months (periodic follow-ups on progress)
  • Personalized binder with detailed comprehensive plan/strategy for each evaluated staff member
  • Optional spousal dinner to discuss your clinic and progress in a more relaxed environment (away from the office)
  • Script explaining in detail to your staff and patients the reason why Deanna is there in order to make them feel comfortable throughout the entire process
  • QPR suicide prevention training with a certified trainer for all team members

Benefits of the Deep Dive with Deanna Program

The Deep Dive program is an extensive life-changing experience that will not only increase your monthly income, but will also provide a state of higher gratification from your practice and instill a greater passion for life.

Once you have completed the 3-month period of follow-ups and have applied her proven methods, if you are still not completely satisfied, you will be granted a 30-day period to request a full refund.



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