What exactly is a MasterMind?

Over 100 years ago, Napoleon Hill - who wrote Think And Grow Rich studied 40 of the most successful people of that time. He found that most of them would gather on a regular basis, discuss business, what was challenging them in business, and together they would share experience and come up with possible solutions.

Deanna will lead discussions where you will receive her teaching/mentoring/coaching and have other dentists weigh in with their experience. It’s the power of collective thinking. It’s powerful; not just multiplying ideas, actually the power- group learning on steroids.

MasterMinds are powerful tools that will assist you in increasing your productivity, help you navigate your practice, and bring you focused teaching that will have you celebrating the increased joy you will experience in life.


Who else is in the MasterMind?

Other like minded dentists from around the U.S. AND dentists (specialists, too) that are Board Members - Directors - that sit on Deanna’s non profit company Personal Impact Foundation Board - truly wizards - at productivity - and living prosperous and joy filled lives.


Deanna has been part of some pretty powerful MasterMinds, so she’s taken from the best and brought it to you, for the most impactful format, that is super easy to engage with. When she speaks, many times she’s been asked, “How can I interact with you on a regular basis?” This is the best value with high quality content that will have dentists doing the happy dance, after implementing our process for increasing productivity.


Here is another thing: Deanna also invites her colleagues that are experts in their own fields, and has them teach and share with you. They will not only help increase your productivity at the office, they will share life lessons to benefit you. You get to ask your specific and pertinent questions, and have them answered.


How do we meet?

Twice a month through a convenient online live streaming forum  and an exclusive Facebook group. You will have access 24/7 to the exclusive FB group and be able to get questions answered, follow discussions, and build relationships with dentists around the country.


What other benefits are there for members?

Every month, you will receive in the mail a physical book, that you hold in your hands and turn the pages, for personal reference and to build your own library. Deanna personally chooses these from her vast experience and from books that she knows will benefit the individual dentist.


You will receive a recording of every call, this gives you the freedom to relisten, or if you miss the call live, still have easy access to the valuable information that was shared.


If you have a vision of how you would like your practice to be, allow us to help you skillfully navigate how to make it a reality. Now is the time to make your life happier, richer, fuller, and more meaningful. DIP for text takes the best in personal development and growth, combined with inside knowledge of dentistry, and creates the perfect environment to allow that to happen.


What if I don’t like the group?

We find it hard to believe you won’t like our rockin' great group. With everything we do here at DIP for text, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Let us know in the first 30 days, and we’ll refund your money. We’ve had 100% success with those that put effort in, and follow our proven success plan.

We don’t ask for long term commitments, you may become a member for as long (or short) of a period of time as you desire. The longer, the more benefits you’ll receive.


Is this MasterMind only for dentists, or would other specialists benefit?

General Dentist, Orthodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist, Endodontist, Oral Surgeon, all would benefit. We use “Dentist” as the generic term for all professionals.

Discover for the first time - or rediscover the deep professional and personal satisfaction of walking into the clinic focused relentlessly on helping patients, delivering incredible patient service and having fun, in the process.


How Do I Get Started?

We open the doors to our Ultimate Dentist Mastermind four times a year, so that you will achieve your maximum potential for increasing your productivity, income, and joy.  This allows you to establish the foundation of beginning with a vision that will guarantee your success.  This allows me to give you an innovative way to begin this teaching.  Please fill out the form below to be notified when UDM next opens its doors.   Enjoy our weekly blog until then.


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